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Ideal Properties Huatulco

Every project that comes into our hands is a personal challenge to assure its success.

An impeccable trajectory in over 30 years has given us the informative experience to assemble and consolidate a team of proficient agents. We know that buying or selling a property is an important decision for our clients, so we will always work hard to be a strong and reliable support to obtain the best opportunity for you.

Liz St. Germaine
General Director
Our secret has always been to provide an ethical service to all of those who have trusted us to achieve their ideal property.
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Ocean Park Condos

Located in the Bay of Santa Cruz, Huatulco, this beautiful resort offers 18 luxury condos decorated by the charm of the sea breeze. Just 50 meters from the beach and the whisper of the sea, its balconies reveal a stunning postcard to the horizon in every sunset.
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Bays of Huatulco

An exquisite and enigmatic destination of Mexico due to its location south of the country. These bays manage to capture the essence of a life of ease; the calm of the Pacific Ocean, the warmth of its people and the wonderful sea views, frame an enviable lifestyle.
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